Comber Potatoes
Jan 16

Make sure you're getting the most nutrients and vitamins from potatoes with these tips:


Potatoes really scrub up well! Brush up the way you prepare them by putting that old peeler back in the drawer. Save time AND gain an excellent dietary fibre bonus by serving potatoes with their nutritious skins on. If you really prefer to peel just take the thinnest layer off. To preserve the potatoes valuable nutrients peel the potato just before cooking - don't leave them exposed to the air or standing in water any longer than you have to.


Oven baking is the healthiest - and some would say most delicious - way to cook chips. Make the chips big and bold: chunky chips absorb less fat and have fluffier insides. Give it a go!


Make your cooking time micro-sized by microwaving potatoes. Youll be amazed how fast and easily you can cook a baked potato this way. Best of all, those timesaving microwaves dont damage nutrients inside - its almost as healthy a way to cook as steaming!

Steam Baking

Steam Baking is the new cooking method for the health-conscious. New potatoes in their skins are sealed in parchment or greaseproof paper and then gently steamed in 20 minutes. Very healthy, stylishly different and totally tasty.

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