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Dec 12
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Charlotte Potatoes Charlotte is a salad potato. With its distinctive long, oval shape, white skin and moist texture it is ideal for so much more than just salads. Scoring 4 on the waxy / floury scale Charlotte stays firm when cooked and can also be very successfully sauted and even roasted in its skin for a firm ‘roast’ potato. It is frequently sold washed and in bags or punnets which adds to the convenience value of this widely available potato.

Charlotte is suitable for:

  • Roasting
  • Boiling
  • Salads

Tasting notes from Food Writer, Sarah Jane Evans:

Charlotte suits her name: a youthful primrose yellow colour which cooks to a pale honey. Once cooked, the papery skin rubs off easily, while underneath the flesh of this salad potato usefully keeps its shape when cut or squeezed.

Let the potato cool slightly after cooking and then squeeze it lightly. There's an immediate hint of fresh cut grass and a delicate earthiness. This is followed by deliciously buttery aromas, as if the potatoes had already been topped with sweet, unsalted butter.

In the mouth it is full-bodied, and tastes equally fresh and buttery, with a lingering note of sweetness.  The flavour is remarkably long and persistent. The texture is firm to bite, but it gives way immediately to a supple, velvety melting quality.


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